"Health Solution staff and doctors are truely amazing. I was suffering from low back pain and they helped me strengthen my spine and helped me gain control of my pain. I got my life back because of health Solution centers."

- Abbigail Houston (Lorain)

" I was suffering from a left shoulder and low back pain after an injury at work. I had tried physical therapy and I was taking Anti-inflammatories every day with no help. I was so worried about going back to work and hurt even more. Health Solution Centers changed all that. I feel great now. My mood is up. I am not hurting or tired all the time. I don't have to give up my job! I even worked 12 hour days without any pain. Health Solution Centers' staff take the time to listen to you and make you feel like you are the only one in their clinic. I would recommend Health Solution Centers to my friends and family."

- Jane Kanney (Sandusky)

" I was suffering from severe upper chest pain. I went to my Family Medical Doctor. He diagnosed me with a back problem and referred me to Health Solution Centers. I was checked immediately and treated. Now I feel better than I have felt in years. I would recommend Health Solution Centers to everyone because of their professionalisim and dedication to their patients."

- David Maiani Sr. (Sandusky)

" I was dying, I had been praying to God, to help me get healthy. I was broken emotionally and physically. I visited one clinic and they wanted $8,500 to help me. I cried because I didn't have that type of money. Then the doors opened up for me at Health Solution Centers. Things changed drastically for me. I was able to stop insulin and was able to lower my other medications. I am averaging 10 lbs of weight loss per month. I have more energy. I am able to play with my great granddaughter. I haven't smiled like this for years. Thank you Health Solution Centers."

- Carrie Ferguson (Lorain)

" I was suffering from Stenosis, Neck, & Low back Pain. I was in so much pain that I had trouble getting out of bed, standing, gardening, and sleeping. I even tried Pain medications, ice, heat, and rest without any relief. I was in a lot of pain until I visited Health Solution Centers. Now I am almost Pain FREE. They have excellent Chiropractic physicians and Friendly staff. I am able to sleep better, stand longer without pain, and have no pain getting out of bed. This is a great facility."

-Patricia Hauck (Sandusky)

" I could not sit or get out of bed because of my Neck and Low Back Pain. After going to Health Solution Centers, I feel better and I enjoy Health Solution's staff and their friendly treatments."

- Sandra Russell (Sandusky)

" I was suffering from Neck, Back, and Shoulder Pain. I couldn't even get out of bed. I was in  Bad Shape. But after going to Health Solution Centers, now I am back hitting my heavy bag. Health Solution staff treated me like they have always known me."

- Steve Eaton (Sandusky)

" I was suffering from extreme fatigue, irritability, weight gain, and muscle weakness. After joining Health Solution's Wellness program, my liver function greatly improved, I no longer need Blood Pressure medication, and I am able to keep up with my grand kids."

- Sharon Bodnar (Lorain)

" I was suffering from severe muscle spasms and could not function. I couldn't even put my shoes and socks on. At Health Solution Centers, they diagnosed me with a disc herniation and provided me with the proper treatment and included supplementation for faster healing. I am now back to normal. Thank you Health Solution Centers."

- Martha Hoffman (Vermilion)

"After suffering from low back pain for over a month, I decided to visit Health Solution. After three Decompression treatments, my pain was gone. Health Solution staff have made my life so much better. They are very caring and knowledgeable.”

- Dorothy Bechtel (Lorain) 

" I was suffering from Neck pain traveling down my right shoulder and arm. I couldn't sleep and I had a hard time performing my job duties before I became a patient at Health Solution. I just can't say enough- I admit I was a little skeptical at first but I would not hesitate to refer others to Health Solution Centers. Thanks to all of you at Health Solution- what a great team you have."

- Joan Thurston (Vermilion)

" I am able to walk, shop, and do things that I was not able to do for a long time. Health Solution Centers' staff have worked wonders for me and they are so nice and helpful. I am so glad that my friend recommended Health Solution Centers to me."

- Donna Leaser (Lorain)

" I was suffering from low back pain. My pain was unbearable and prevented me from any physical activity. Now my pain is gone! I would recommend Health Solution Centers to every one, their staff is professional and friendly. They got me out of PAIN!"

- Rachel Wirick (Sandusky)

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